Showcase and Share Achievements

Let your customers easily showcase and share their achievements with EXeed™​ digital badges. 

What Are Digital Badges?

Digital badges (also known as open badges or digital credentials) are digital assets containing verifiable details about the holder’s achievements. They allow recipients to easily show their accomplishments and share them with their network to receive recognition. 

EXeed Metadata

Badges include metadata about the accomplishments and issuer.  

Information is easy to verify. 

Users can showcase their achievements on the platform or via social media. 

They are based on the recognized Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure. 

EXeed is a platform that enables organizations to define, issue, manage, and analyze their badges. Badge recipients can easily store, publish, and share their digital credentials with their network.


  • Easily give your customers the recognition they deserve by issuing digital badges.
  • Boost your brand’s visibility with digital badges as an extension of your online presence.
  • Validate the performance of your badges using the platform’s analysis tools.
  • Offer extra security to your customers – EXeed is GDPR compliant and is hosted on EU-based servers.

Badge recipients

  • Showcase your achievements and receive recognition for them.
  • Share your badges through social media and show your peers the skills and competences you’ve earned.
  • Digital badges are hard coded. They can be validated by employers easily, unlike traditional certificates.
  • Control which information you share with your network using EXeed’s GDPR compliant platform.

How does EXeed work?

Issuers and receivers can take advantage of EXeed in a couple of simple steps.  

Badge issuers

  • 1. Create an account.
  • 2. Add and define your badge(s).
  • 3. Issue your badges.
  • 4. Analyze the success of your badges.

Badge recipients

  • 1. Activate your account.
  • 2. Accept your first badge.
  • 3. Share your badge.

Already on board:

Our new badging system provides our students with the opportunity to display their achievements directly on their social media profiles. Besides allowing them to showcase their achievements, it is also a very welcomed exposure for Capgemini. EXeed offers us an ideal way to digitalize the way we handed out certificates after our training courses. A win for both our students and ourselves!

Reinoud Ykema

Training Service Line Lead | Capgemini Academy



€100,- monthly

  • Best price per badge when issuing up to 200 badges/month
  • Best price per badge when issuing up to 2400 badges/year
  • + €2.00/issued badge
  • Free one month trial including 10 free badges.

EXeed has a transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing model. We recommend that you start off with the Starter subscription, then if or when you pass the issuing limit of 200 badged you can move to another tier that better fits the number of badges you are issuing. You can change subscriptions on a monthly basis – there is no minimum time that you have to stick to a subscription.

To order one of this subscriptions or see others: 


Badge issuers:

Contact our team or sign up straight away by going to and clicking on Sign Up. You can then follow the onboarding process and get started! 

Once you activate your account, you can create your badge templates. There are no limits and no additional costs associated with the number of templates. From your account, you can define different aspects of your badge such as the validity, standards and requirements.   

Each subscription comes with a one-month free trial during which you can issue 10 badges without any costs. After activating your account, you can choose the subscription that suits you by selecting it in the ‘Subscription’ sectionAside from the monthly subscription cost, you only pay for each badge that you choose to issue.   

Yes, integration through an API is possible. The platform can be integrated with learning management systems, HR systems, CRMs, or internal platforms. Visit the documentation page to find out more.  

The numbers of badges per tier are designed to act as a guideline. They show the approximate number of digital badges you would need to buy to get the best pricing for you. If you exceed the quantity in the guideline, you can still issue digital badges, but the cost per badge will the one shown in your subscription. 

Visit the EXeed FAQs page to find out more. 

Badge recipients

You will receive a link from the provider of your digital badge activate your EXeed account.

Badges on EXeed contain details about the issuer, the name of the badge holder, the date the badge was issued, the expiration date, the requirements the holder needed to meet to receive the badge. 

Badges can be shared directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Plus, each badge has a unique link, making it possible to add it to other sites. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add digital badges from other platforms at this moment in time.  

Visit the EXeed FAQs page to find out more.